These are answers to some questions you may have

Where do BizRake get its data?

We get our data by aggregation of publicly available databases and result from various crawling application we created on the internet and users contribution.

How do you maintain data up to date?

We maintain data up to date hourly by gathering user’s contribution, results from our web crawlers and periodical update from publicly available databases.

How accurate is your data?

We do our best to collect and process the latest and most accurate as possible data. However due to address and contact information change we cannot guarantee to always be correct, we invite users to edit any inaccuracy they see in our data anytime to help us get better.

What is the user Record Credit?

Your record credit is the maximum number of rows you can download at anytime. To get record credit click the "Buy Credit" button, it adds up. The system will decrease that number by the rows you download each time you do so.

Will my record credit expire?

No, your record credit will not expire, it’s yours, you've paid for it, use it when you need to download data from BizRake.

Is there a limit to how much data I can download?

There's no limit to how much data you can download from BizRake, you are free to slice and dice data through search as you want. However for technical reasons, we limit the amount of data you can download at once to around 10,000 rows.

How much should I pay to register a business on BizRake?

Registering a business on BizRake is absolutely free just click the link "Post a Business".

As a business owner, why should I register my business with BizRake?

You should register you Business on BizRake for one simple reason: You want people to find your business.

A big chunk of our users are individuals, potential direct customer for you. Companies’ uses mailing list to create their relational network, you don’t want to miss out on that.

  • What is BizRake? is a large database of more than 20 million US Businesses, it is a huge business listing designed with the intent to make it easy to search and download precise data.

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